Telugu Jyothi
Digitized Telugujyothi Archives
Under the expert guidance of Sri Muty Bahavaraju garu and with the dedicated assistance of volunteer Sri Gokul Singaraju garu, a remarkable feat was achieved: the comprehensive digitization of the entire collection of Telugu Jyothi magazines previously only available in print format. Through meticulous scanning and conversion processes, every page of these cherished publications was transformed into easily accessible PDFs. This initiative not only preserves the invaluable content of Telugu Jyothi but also ensures its widespread availability to a global audience. Sri Murty Bahavaraju's expertise and Sri Gokul Singaraju's unwavering commitment have collectively ushered old Telugujyothi literature into the digital age, enriching cultural heritage and fostering a deeper appreciation for the literary treasures encapsulated within the pages of Telugu Jyothi..